Our office is in the Los Angeles / Long Beach area. We serve the U.S. East, West and Gulf coasts,Hawaii, Alaska and the World.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to Hull and Machinery Underwriters, P&I Clubs, Ship or Cargo Owners or Underwriters, Ship Repairers or other legitimate Third Party interests. We are available to effect surveys and provide service on a 24/7 basis.

Machinery Failures

All types of prime movers

Steering gears


Pumps, fans and motors

Electrical plant

Hydraulic systems

Cargo handling gear including cranes and conveyors

Regulatory Matters

MARPOL Annex VI- Alleged illegal exhaust emissions

MARPOL Annex I- Alleged illegal discharge of oil

Defective or abused separator equipment

Structural deficiencies

Propulsion or steering deficiencies

Liaison with Classification Authorities

Liaison with Flag State Authorities

Perils of the Sea

Adverse (Heavy) Weather


Collision and Allision incidents





Other Fields

Investigations into the cause of the loss or damage.

Salvage operations

Wreck removal operations

P&I Acceptance and Condition surveys

Pre-Purchase Condition surveys